Is doing this a bad idea?

I think I already know the answer to my question but I thought I would ask anyway. First off here are the circumstances. I met this girl I like and she is somewhat in my social circle. I have gotten to know her somewhat and have had several conversations with her. I want to ask her out but the thing is I don't see her very often. I have got her # but I didn't get it from her. Its on fb and I am friends with her on fb. Also I have never had a girlfriend and lately the girls I have wanted to ask out have been taken between the time I decided to ask them out and actually was able/ready to so I would like to avoid that. So my question is given these circumstances would it be OK to call her? Or would it better to wait and hope that history doesn't repeat itself? Or would it be too creepy?
What about asking for her number through fb then calling her. Maybe something like...ohmmeter any ides?
Ohmmeter was a phone blip disregard that.


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  • Don't wait.

    Not sure that calling her cold is a good idea though, it is a little creepy.

    Send her some conversation over Facebook first.


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  • Okay, I see you have had several conversations with her. Well, I don't know exactly how these conversations went...but I'm going to go out on a limb and say...fine...JUST CALL HER.


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  • Why don't you just ask her out in a message on Facebook?

    • Because personally I don't use Facebook often and to me that seems like it be worse than waiting. Maybe not?

    • It seems a little weird to call her without asking her for her phone number(even if it's stupid for people to put information on profiles they don't want public).

    • Asking for her phone number on Facebook sounds like it would be okay.

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