Can you decifer what is going on for me?

So this girl and I have gone on three dates, one of which we went mini golfing and made a bet on which I won a kiss. Then I made her dinner at my place and was hoping to get another kiss but didn't; however, she mentioned that she had next weekend off and acted like she wanted to hangout again. So my question is what is going on? is it possible she is just wanting to move slow or expecting me to do something or not interested? Why has there not been another kiss?
As I said to the user below this isn't just about a kiss. Its about trying to gauge her interest level in me. I see kissing as a defiant conformation and so that is why it concerns me that she hasn't seemed opened or showed any signs that she looking for me to kiss her (though I'd probably miss them if she did).


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  • Its just my opinion but it is a total turn off to be with a guy that has to get physical that soon, even for a kiss. I can understand the one kiss because of the bet, but just because you get that doesn't mean Ill do it again right away. Respect her wishes and move slow, girls are always trying to figure out if sex is all you guys want- and the more moves you make on her early on the more shell think that's all you want. so be a gentleman.

    • Its not just about the kiss per sae. Its really trying to determine her level of interest in me. Truth be told I could survive for a few months with out getting physical (kissing not included) I've done so now for two years. But while she wants to hangout and go on dates she rarely texts me unless I do and hasn't come out and said if she is interested in me. So essentially I see kissing as a confermation that yes, she's into me and doesn't think of me as her brother.

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  • Were you hoping she would kiss you after dinner? or did you try to kiss her and she denied you? Most likely she wanted you to make the move and she wouldn't mind being kissed. Some good indicators might be if you are looking deeply into her eyes and she very, very slightly widens her eyes (and then maybe moves her chin down a little bit while still looking at you) or if you move her hair out of her face and she doesn't flinch at all I'd say go in for the kiss.

    I would try to hang out with her again and try to make the move yourself.


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