How to know if a guy has a girlfriend without asking him?

i mean it must be clues, I just don't wanna waste my time day dreaming about a guy that was just being nice to me and already has a gf...
The thing is I know I could ask him in an indirect way like you guys said, but like if I do that I am already quite involved, as I wouldn't ask right from the start so I wonder how to notice before, like maybe the way he behaves tells me he is with someone, like rings and looking to his phone too much...


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  • Clues are kind of worthless for a number of reasons...unless you intend to plead ignorance as a defense when his girlfriend confronts you..."Oh I didn't know he had a girlfriend."

    If you really want to know the answer, you need direct confirmation. There are indirect ways to get a direct confirmation, but they all involve him going on the record, saying he does or does not have a girlfriend. Do not trust Facebook either. I've seen guys who keep their relationship status as single, even when they have a girlfriend (I'm sure there are plenty of girls who do the same).

    There are many clever ways to act indirectly, but if you want him to have no idea that you're at all interested in him, you need to have some acting skills.

    Say you meet a random guy. You could be like, "Hey haven't I seen you around before? I think I saw you walking by a week ago with your girlfriend."

    Or: "Was that your girlfriend I saw you with last week?"

    As a bonus, the guy's response may give you some clue if he's interested in you or not. If he doesn't respond, or doesn't outright deny that he has a girlfriend, then you should assume he does.

    This probably only works well if you do it right when you meet a guy though, but I kind of like it a bit better than phonezoo's method, because if you just assume someone has a girlfriend without giving any reason for assuming it, it comes off a little suspicious. A girl could actually be saying that because she's not interested in the guy as more than a friend, and just wants to confirm he already has a girlfriend. Or she could be saying it because she is interested and wants to find out if he has a girlfriend. But the mistaken identity thing adds an additional layer of uncertainty. Did you really see him, or was it someone else? Did you see him with some girl that you mistook for his girlfriend? Because he's wondering these questions, he's probably less inclined to think that you're digging for information about his relationship status.

    • that seems like a great way, I think I will try that thanks :)

    • you're welcome...I know how it's frustrating not knowing because I go through the same thing when I'm not sure if a girl has a bf

    • i always thing if he is too good he must be taken :( but he could be like me good and single

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  • This is where assuming verbally would be OK. Find a way to compliment him and then say "oh that's so sweet, you're girlfriend must be proud of you" or something along that line. Most guys know that if you say that, he's to answer "no, I don't" or "yes, she is"

    • I like this idea. Try and find way to ask about his girlfriend ect.

    • yeah I guess that's the way to go I noticed that guys do that with me often and I know what they are up to

    • Thats the best say to go about it

  • About the update, if he texts alot, it doesn't necessarily mean he has a girlfriend or anything. There are 2 girls that I text almost daily and flirt with but I'm not dating them. The best way really is to just kinda joke about it like phonezoo said. Its subtle but direct. You'd get the answer you want and he'd never know if you are interested or not.

  • Do exactly as phonezoo says. So many girls assume I have a girlfriend. I've been single for over 3 years. All they gotta do is just ask in some shape or form. Just never assume.

    • i guess guys assume I have a boyfriend too but they do sometimes ask in a indirect way when I give opportunity

    • You should take it as a compliment then. They think you are worthy of dating. Must be because you are attractive to them and really fun to be around. :)

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  • Why agonize ? Why not just ask him?

    • cause I barely know the guy, he would think I am totally into him which is never a good sign to begin with he would be too cocky after I asked it...

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