How can I repel certain guys?

I dislike guys who try to date me but don't take me out on dates and do fun stuff with me. I don't like the guys who send you texts asking you to come over and chill at his house, or the type who try to push you to date them without putting in effort. Upon finding out a guy is like this, I will end things. But how do I not even attract or date guys like this at all? I don't want to waste anymore time with the same type of guys. How can I get the kind who's more compatible with me?


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  • You must let him know from the start that you like to do certain things. Fun stuff,go to clubs or whatever you do like,you can't just be idle,sit there and expecting him to know what would you like to do.

    About pushing you to date someone... How can someone do that,you are in no obligation to date anyone. If you are a girl that is hard to get,then you need to act that way... Make him put some effort,but trust me,do not go over the edge with this because he could give up eventually if he sees you are exaggerating.

    And at last about repelling that kind of guys... Well I really do not know. I mean there is no magic formula that you use and only the guys you want would be attracted to you. You just need to find compatible mate...

    Hope this helps a bit. :) Regards


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  • I don't think there is any way to "repel" any specific type of person; but on the flip side, there might be something about you that puts you around those type of people. If that is the case, then you would have to change that about yourself.

    In order to not waste you time with bums, then get to know them first. Go out for coffee and talk.

  • not trying to be a d*ck, BUT, omg your logic just pierced my eyes.

    How can you find a guy that is compatible if you push them away? I think the problem with you is that you over think things and assume if a guy shows this and that, he just wants sex.

    You've been reading too many romantic novels or watching too many movies about love at first sight >.>

    • I push them away once learning that he isn't compatible. I haven't read a lot of romance novels, but I have seen a lot of women get burned by staying in situations when the writing is on the wall. I judge a guy by his actions. If a guy isn't trying to take me on public dates, but texts me after not talking to me all day and expects me to drive over to his house. what logic would I have if I continued dating someone like this when I know I want something different?

      dont patronize me :)

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    • With your tone, I doubt you'll ever find the right man :)

    • Good thing you don't get paid to think

  • Gotta let them know what you expect out of the relationship from the start.

  • There is no way for a girl to only attract the kind of guy she likes. You can either attract any type of guy (not all guys of course) or none.


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