He doesn't want to date me anymore. Am I right or no?

I've been dating this guy for a few weeks and he wanted to go all the way but I didn't so he didn't really talk to me much and we recently went to the movies (I invited him and paid for both of us) and after he patted my arm and said see you around and so I wanted to talk to him about us obviously not dating anymore and he said that he thought because I didn't want to do it with him that I didn't want to date him (personally I think its the other way around haha) and I said I still like him and wanted to continue getting to know him if he did too and his reply was "I like you too. I think we should just see what happens as time goes on". So I think in other words he means he likes me but because I don't want to go all the way, he doesn't want to date me anymore. Am I right or no?


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  • your right you guys can be dating and don't have to go all the way and if he doesn't think that then he not the guy for you good luck :D


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