I don't know if I should tell him I like him, because I don't want to be his second choice!!!

so the other day, my really good friend

introduced me to a guy who she

previously said she sort of liked and

wanted to use as a ''f*** buddy'' to

get over her previous boyfriend who

cheated on her. during the day I got

the sense that this guy kind of liked

me, and to be honest I think I kind of

like him also. later on in the evening

i got a message through from my friend

saying that this guy liked me, and she

told me to go for it cause she wanted

to see me happy with a guy. but then

the next day the guy started talking

to me over Facebook saying how much he

likes my friend, how they were kissing

and flirting and then he started telling

me some really personal stuff about

himself and

despite the fact I like him, I told

him that if he likes my friend that

much then to tell her and see what

she says. which is what he did, he

told her and she turned him down

because she is sort of with another

guy wo she met the other day. now he

is gutted, but says basically that

he's not going to waste time if its a

lost cause. now I don't know if I

should tell him I like him,

because I don't want to be his

second choice and because they kissed

and stuff :( advice please!


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  • hmmm that a hard choice but he said that he liked you and then he start saying that on Facebook but if you really REALLY like him then go for it but if half half don't to it if he's gonna to that to you


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  • Walk away, in fact run away, you'd be a rebound of sorts.

    • That's what I was afraid of :// thanks :)

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