I think we like each other but I'm not that sure about his feelings/can't interpret the signs if any..?

So I met this guy two weeks ago through mutual friends and we've been all hanging out sometimes since.

He seemed interested in me from the first time we met and 2 nights later he asked for my Skype i.d and we've started chatting whenever we are online (he mainly starts the conversation when online).

I really like the guy but don't know how to tell him, whenever we are alone, it is on Skype and I don't want to let him know over a computer screen. But whenever we're with our friends, we smile to each other and stare a lot.

He's been kind of rude to me a few times but in a nice way, making fun of me just to tease me and he has found a nickname for me. I guess this is because he is nervous around me? Correct me if I'm wrong please..

However I have told him over one of his jokes that he makes me laugh and he replied "that's my job".

Anyways he told me this afternoon he would go to this party tonight with his mates and to come along. He would go to a football match first and I said I would tell him after the match if I would come or not. The match has finished, he never called, never texted me on Skype and went to the party without me. WTF? Did he expect me to call him? Cause I was expecting him to do it.

I'm sorry about the weird situation I'm giving you guys, but I really like him and I don't seem to understand his motives, if he likes me back or not. And how do I get to see him by himself (like a date) without being too obvious?

Thank you all for your time


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  • You should've called to tell him if you are going or not. Ask him to hang out to make up for this missed party.

    • You're right, he did expect my call, he told me the next day he thought I did not want to go after all, but I explained that I was being stupid. Thanks for making me realize!

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