First Date: Just You Two, Or Bring Friends?

Hey everyone! So, I met an amazing girl, but we haven't hung out outside of school yet. I'm thinking about asking her to go bowling this weekend, sounds like a fun first date. What I'm wondering is, should it be just us two, or should I bring my friend and his girlfriend, or just another friend or something. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!


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  • Kind of depends on how things are going with you two and how brave you.

    If you're pretty sure she's into you and expecting something date-like to happen AND you're feeling confident enough to straight up ask her out, then it should be just the two of you.

    If things between you guys are still a little undecided and you feel like maybe she's NOT exactly expecting you to ask her out or you're just not quite feeling that confident, then invite her bowling with friends- but DON'T call it a date. If you ask her like this, it's just you guys hanging out, hopefully building up to an actual date. This is a good way to sort of ease into things...

    Either way- make sure your intentions are clear because nothing is worse than not knowing if it's a date or not.


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  • I think it should be just you and her. It can be awkward getting to know someone when you are also busy entertaining or talking to another couple, especially since she does not know them either.

    I have heard of girls bringing along a friend, kind of like for security or as a chaperone, and, yes, if you both know the other couple, I can see a double date, but otherwise, you are putting her in a bad position of being with 3 new people.


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