She didn't answer, now what?

Alright, me and this girl have been flirting/talking for a couple weeks now. Today we talked and she said how we could possibly hang out after she gets done with dinner with her roommate. I asked when she'd be done and she said she didn't know, soI told her I'd give her a call later... well I call 30 min after her last class but she didn't answer :/ She doesn't have voice mail, so I didn't do anything. It's been over an hour now with no word back from her. I know it hasn't been forever, so don't say that haha.

But what should I do now? Vote in the poll for that!

And in a comment, could you answer this question: if she doesn't get back to me tonight to at least say she is busy and can't hang out, does that mean she isn't interested?

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  • Text her.
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  • Forget about tonight with her...maybe she'll contact you again.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Umm..chill take it easy blowing up her phone probably will not help...she could have took a nap after a long day of listening to boring lectures. If she likes you like you think she does she will contact you back. Chill...and if you still are worried call her tonight and just be like" hey are we still going out tonite" and if she deosnt pick up, don't call her again wait for her to reach out to you.

    • I was either planning on doing nothing. Let her contact me and I'd try calling again maybe on Sunday...

    • Minus the word either...

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What Girls Said 2

  • There's so many different reasons why she may not be calling you back. Her phone could have died, she lost it, etc. Don't stress about it too much. Obviously if she was making plans with you then hanging out with you is definitely what she wants to do!

    • Well she still hasn't called back. Does this mean she isn't interested?

    • Not necessarily ; Like I said, there might be a lot of reasons why she hasn't called. If she still hasn't called in a day or two I would say try and contact her again.

  • guess you gona have to wait. she does not want more than a friendship with u. maybe with benefits based on your previous questions text her later if you must to see what happened.


What Guys Said 1

  • Anyone that says call or text again is a virgin. Leave it be and play hard to get. Do NOT contact her again until she reaches out to you.

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