How many guys should you date at once?

I've never dated more than one person at once, but I've been told my thinking is wrong and I'm wrong to put all eggs in one basket.

How many guys should you date at once? (no sex)


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  • All of them. It's shopping for the highest bidder.

    • if one of them ask if you are dating someone else will it be awkward to say yes?

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    • It's best to tell everybody involved that you are dating more than one person. Does it feel strange to tell them...well YES...I think it can be rather strange. Still lots of people date in this fashion but typically this initial stage doesn't go on for too long.

    • No, some men get competitive about it and it makes them try even harder.

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  • How about one and only one. Reverse the gender and all hell would break lose.

    • Oh yea, if a guy dated different girls at the same time (even without having sex) and the girls would find out they would call him to be 'just like any other guy'. As a guy my principle is to stick with one girl at a time, and I'd like the girl to do the same.

    • @ Scoopie I've never dated more than one guy at once, but I often find guys chasing me and other girl at the same time. When confronted he told me he is not sure if I like him that's why he is chasing the other girl. So I'm just curious to see what others do

  • As many as you think you can run from when they all find out and come to murder you.

  • Really, is this a serious question? One at a time. If you don't like him, let him know and move on to the next. Don't date ten at time, date them one by one. Don't play with peoples emotions.

  • If the basket is big enough to fit all the eggs, it's probably big enough (good enough), why fix, what isn't broken?

  • The key thing here is honesty. In the first stages of dating someone, you don't have to forget all the others, when you hardly know the guy and aren't sure if you're right for each other. So you can date as many guys as you want as long as you let them know you're seeing other people and are cool with them seeing other girls as well. Once you want to become serious with someone, have that "are we ready to be exclusive" talk.

  • as many as you would like the guys to date as well.


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  • See men want the women that are wanted and pursued by other men...they actually get off on knowing that they are getting a chick that is desired by other some of them will be more interested in you when they find out you are dating other guys...because it makes you appear to be more popular and more desirable.

    Some people only know they want something BECAUSE somebody else wants it.

    • Thrill of the chase, got it.

    • And the rest of us are nowhere near dumb enough to go chasing after something that's not only taken, but that's been passed around and used.

    • I think she meant dating without sleeping. If she is not sleeping wtih any of these guys how can you say the girl has been passed around?

  • As many as you want.I say when you find a guy you date, date can collect guys like baseball cards


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