Can you tell us about the person you're with? Are you similar or opposites?

I'm just curious what makes a couple compatible. I mean, we spend our lives figuring out the kind of people we're attracted to but then we fall for someone different! There is this guy who is such a big nerd but whom I feel so close to like I've known him forever. Buy we look so different and like different things! Does that work out though?

So share your stories:)


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  • She's fun and flirtatious. A real people person. A complete extrovert. She's the type to stay out and party with friends all night and sleep in all morning. She works as a bartender. She can be a little bit of a tom boy at times but still retains her girlish side. She likes nature and baking. Fairly adventures. Very confident. A typical happy go lucky type of girl.

    Were as different as we are alike. I'm the stable one and she's the wild one. We share many of the same interests but our personalities are often opposites. We share interests and balance out each others personalities. Not really the couple you would put together but we make it work.

    • That's great! I guess if two people like yourselves really like each other then the other stuff isn't so important. Balance out. I like that!

    • I like this answer... I read this and thought, omgsh does my Boyfriend have an account?! This describes my boyfriend and I to the T. He's the biggest nerd and I love him and we really are completely opposites to an extent (socially)

    • @fall4you Hahaha good to hear that! This answer also fits my (potential!) situation because I'm a bit nuts and goofy and he's the opposite. I guess stuff balances out this way plus I imagine it makes a relationship interesting. So what do you mean "socially?" Do you not agree on places to hang out or do you mean in terms of personality and I don't know the way you look or act?!

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  • Good important as sexuality-compatibility is, I believe that personality-compatibility is the single most important issue..and I believe that opposites attract...I am an extrovert and my wife is an intovert...(:(:(:

    • Thanks! It's just strange trying to figure out these things so that's helpful stuff right there!

  • Yes, different personalities complement each other well; or else you have same stuff to talk about...that'd just get boring over time.

  • Equal Stubbornness

    similar intelligent.

    Equal sex drive

    everything else is just pleasantries..


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  • My boyfriend and I are quite different, but have similar morals. However, I don't agree with some of his.

    He is more selfless and self-motivated than I am and he has influenced me a lot. I want to become more like him in that sense.

    He is more serious than me, but doesn't insult me or anything when I mess about. He thinks I'm immature, but I don't mind because he's not horrible to me when I am (like people at school were).

    He's quite boyish. He's really into football and general sport and likes horror films and Stephen King. I like crafty hobbies, cats, cooking and playing my harp lol so we are different in that aspect, but you can always compromise. We can always find a film that we would both like and if I want to cook something, we can make something that we both like. If he's round for the day and I want to practice my harp, I try to play his favorite music and see if he can guess lol.

    • I see, those are good examples. I'm just trying to figure out stuff because I think good guys deserv a chance but stereotypes may rob them of that chance! I guess loneliness may also make someone date someone different which isn't so fair but I suppose we gotta go with the flow sometimes. Thanks for sharing:)

    • That's so cute, the playing his fav music on the harp :p

    • Haha thank you. Shame I'm so awful at it though!

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