Should I write him a letter?

So there's this guy I've been talking to for about 2 months, he's been kind of making excuses of why he can't date me such as he has to get a job first, school, family issues, but says he doesn't take me for granted. I was texting him trying to be serious & trying to find out why he doesn't try with me & he texts me saying "why don't you date Andrew, I heard you're quite fond of him" & I said "I don't even remember when the last time I saw him was" then he said "just leave me a lone" & I said OK. Last time I saw Andrew was like 3 almost 4 months ago & he's just now hearing rumors? Is he just trying to get rid of me, or does he honestly think something happened? He didn't even let me explain. I feel like writing a letter to him, just so I can feel better & he doesn't think that of me, should I?

I just can't get my mind off it. I can't concentrate on school. & I'm afraid of running into him at college. I'm fine ending it & not talking to him, but I don't want him to hate me. Why do I care?


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  • he doesn't like you the way you want him to, clinging onto somebody who doesn't care that way will only hurt you more in the long run. so no but good luck I wish you the best of times


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