Should I wait for her to text me or text her first?

Okay well I like this girl and she told me she liked me too, but we both went away to different colleges this year so she didn't want to start a relationship because she thought the distance could ruin what we already have. Anyway, I haven't spoken to her in three days and I miss her a lot. The other times we've talked I started the conversation, which I don't mind doing, but I like her to start it every now and then so I know she cares. She could be busy, but sometimes I see her posting things on Facebook, and she has yet to say anything. And when we talked after we went away the conversations were pretty short, but then again she could be busy. So do you think I should wait to see if she's going to text me first, or should I just text her and tell her I miss her.


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  • [sorry if this might be a bit long]

    It's like you're narrating what I'm experiencing right now. We are also on a long distance thing, he's studying in another country. And just like you guys, we're not in a relationship because we're not yet sure if it's gonna work out. We stay friends though and keep in touch once in a while.

    We don't talk often because of school work and if we do, it's mostly him who starts it. That doesn't mean I don't like to talk to him though. I really do, it's just that either I'm busy, or I don't want to bother him because I feel that I'll be disturbing him. And, most of the time, it's the latter one, so I just wait for him to message just to know that he's free and can have some time to talk. If he hasn't messaged me after a long while though and I really can't stand not talking to him, I'll be the one to message him.

    However, I'm not really sure if she's just like me. But she might be, so I say go text her! :) But hey, it's just been 3 days. If you really miss her though, just go and do it.

    As for the short conversations, yes, she could just be busy. But for me, even if I really am, I would still accommodate him and try to continue the conversation, if possible. If I'm really busy and can't talk much, I'll end the conversation but would open up another one some other day. Just try to see if she enjoys talking with you next time you chat. If she does, then she's just waiting for you to start. If she doesn't, she might not be that interested anymore/thinks it really wouldn't work out.

    Hope I helped! Good luck :)


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