I sent this text to my guy. What would you think if you got this? Please read :)

So I have been dating this guy for over three months. We aren't officially bf/gf, but we pretty much are because we spend every day and/or night together, have met each others' parents, and have sex often. Neither one of us are very expressive people, so it's hard to have a serious conversation about where we stand. I get nervous bringing that kind of stuff up, even though I know (from his friends telling me and just from my instincts) that he is crazy about me.

Yesterday, something really good happened to him. I was with him when it happened and I was really excited for him, and I told him that but I wished I would have said more. So last night I decided to just be bold and send him a text about it. Normally when we text it is to make plans - we don't normally have conversations over text or talk about anything serious that way. But he was out with his friends last night and I am super busy today so I didn't know when I would see him.

So the text said:

"I don't know why I didn't tell you this earlier, maybe I was afraid you'd think it was weird. But seeing you that happy today, made me happy too. I think you're amazing and you deserve what happened. I really believe that. You don't have to respond, I know you're out having fun and this is a long text. But I really wanted to text you and tell you all of that, because you're on my mind right now and I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you :)"

He didn't respond but that's normal when he is out - he doesn't really check his phone. Also I told him not to respond so I didn't mind.

He called me from his friend's phone late that night because his friend was too drunk to drive and they needed a ride home from the bar, so I picked them up. He said he called me from his friend's phone because his died, so I don't know if he had a chance to read it last night or not, and I didn't bring it up because his friend was there. This morning he texted me "thanks for the ride last night, I really appreciate it", I said "no problem" and he asked me how my day was going. Like I said, we don't normally have conversations through text, we just use it for making plans and whatnot because neither one of us are that big on texting.

Hhe was really affectionate last night and I feel like he read it and just didn't know what to say because he doesn't really express himself. And now it feels like the elephant in the room that I don't know if I should mention.

What would you think if your girl texted you that? Would it make you feel good, or smothered?


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  • he probably read it. it was sweet although a guy could possibly feel smothered, but only if he doesn't like you, sounds like this guy does


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