I just wonder why he's never the one to text me first...?

He never initiates the text convo's, but usually he ends up asking me to hang out during our convos. I don't want to come off as desperate or anything, always being the one to text him first. Would a guy be put off by this, or does it not matter and I'm just over analyzing this. I mean, I just wonder why doesn't he ever initiate a convo with me? I don't text him often, maybe twice a week. (We have only known each other for a couple weeks, but the first night we hung out we seemed to really hit it off).

What do you think of this behavior? Guys, are you put off by a girl if she is always the initiator? Are there reasons you wouldn't often text a girl you're interested in? Do you think he's just shy?


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  • Assuming that he's interested in you...

    1) He doesn't want to come off as desperate himself. The irony is that neither do you lol.

    2) He's a shy guy.

    You could call him out just like what Jarett suggested, or you could just take it as it is. You said it yourself that you don't "talk" to him all the time so I highly doubt that you would come off as needy in his eyes anyway. And the fact that he suggests to hang out with you should mean that he like you enough to spend time with you.


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  • Ask him. Ask him why you're always the one that starts the convo. I will call girls out if they do that to me. I don't want to be the one that is always pushing. Because if you're doing all the pushing, it's just going to make them pull back. But never be afraid to call someone out, and ask them why they don't ever text first.


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  • I would not text him and wait to see if he texts me. He probably thinks he doesn't have to since you always initiate convos but don't let him get too comfortable and take you for granted. Nobody wants to be "that girl" believe me lol I've learned!