What do you feel about dating foreigners?

Either male or female?

This person could be in your country for either studying or working, maybe doesn't speak your language fluently (difficult to communicate with) and/ or maybe will leave the country someday...

Would you date this person seriously, even consider marriage, despite what might happen tomorrow or will treat it as a casual thing? Are you attracted to foreigners because they are different or, in the contrary, you don't think much of them because they can't even speak properly?

Please share your thoughts on this.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It really depends on what country they are from.

    It hasn't really worked out for me. It seems like they are only after citizenship or my checkbook. :/

    • Ah, I'm sorry. I suppose not all people are good people. The visa is a tough issue.

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What Guys Said 4

  • I once tried to date a Russian, it didn't work out.

    I then once flirted with and tried to date a German, it didn't work out.

    I like foreign women, butttt it just doesn't seem to ever work out.

    They both spoke very good English by the way

    • Oh, just 2 women, it doesn't mean it isn't supposed to work out ever.

      But good you don't seem to make much of a distinction =)

    • Did they come in the mail?

    • I live in Cleveland Ohio, a melting pot for tons and tons of ethnicity's. The Russian came here when she was really little while the German I don't know exactly. However, I get the joke, lol

  • It depends. It really has nothing to do with the "foreign" part as much as the difference in culture. I love experiencing different places and people so for me it is a definite yes.

    • So you like to experience different cultures and different people, but would consider having a relationship with that person long term?

      I mean, there would always be different (cultural) points of view, divergences on how to raise your kids, maybe religion, in your case she missing her family, etc. Would it be too much of a trouble for you to handle?

    • I don't think I'd date out side of a completely different culture because I'd prefer for my children to be westernized. I'd try out the dating for sure. I've been here in the Middle East on and off over the last 10 years and have gotten used to the culture here and even picked up some Arabic and local customs. I wouldn't want to live like this though.

  • Everyone speaks English anyway and those who doesn't are retarded (or the French) so not speaking my language isn't an obstacle.

  • Well technically I am a foreigner Australian

    • So, how do you feel people treat you?

What Girls Said 1

  • honestly no. I'm not into foreigners at all. but many people are.


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