Why has she hidden her dating profile?

Ok her it is - I have been dating my girlfriend for just over a year now we met on a dating site.

I have noticed that she is online or been on today (everyday) I challenged her to say why is she on there - it is either she is looking or dating other guys - she said oh I don't go there often but I just see who has messaged me.

Today I checked and she has hidden her profile from searches - what does this mean ? what should I do


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  • prophecy hit the nail on the head.

    Whether she likes the attention, is looking around, or is actually cheating on you makes no matter; prophecy's right, it's disgusting. After a year of being her boyfriend, you deserve better than that.

    What do you do? You draw some boundaries, that's what you do. And you have a serious talk with her. You won't stand for her being on another dating site and disrespecting you like that. She removes her profile and treats you like a boyfriend and not something on the side, or you go elsewhere. And stick to that. Don't let her play you.


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  • She got caught. She is either cheating or she is checking to see if you are on there OR she just likes the attention.

    • hi thanks for that - my profile is deleted and she know s that so she can't be looking for me

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  • not good, buddy.

    here's the thing;

    if you're just casually dating, let's say a few weeks or maybe even a month or two, it's nothing wrong per se if she keeps her profile up. we all like options and at the beginning you don't really know if things will progress.

    but *the* moment you make things official there is absolutely no reason for her to keep profile up. none! you understand that? none! this kind of behavior is simply not acceptable.

    when you step into a *serious relationship* you need to be 100% focused on that. being curious who messaged you is not being 100% focused. and after a f***ing year? you must be kidding me.

    just hiding her profile from searches doesn't make things better even the slightest. it's a sign that she's probably talking to some other guys and wants to make herself available for further communication. it means she still wants options.

    and you shouldn't put up with that because it's disgusting.

    listen, what you're dealing here with is a woman who has no loyalty and integrity, buddy. and these are the traits that you *WANT* and *NEED* in a woman to have a great relationship.

    this woman is not a quality woman and it's not in your best interest to plan anything big with her. there's nothing to fix here, nothing to hope for even if she deletes her account today.

    you should have got rid of her when you saw for the first time that her profile is still up after you made things official.