Did I make the right choice?

this guy tried hooking up with me a while back but I'm not into just hooking up plus he's a total player, and I saw him again the other night and he was all over me and told me he wanted to hang out today. 15 minutes later he leaves the party with two girls and shows up like 2 hours later and is all over this other girl like right in front of me and I left. today he texted me to see if I still wanted to hang out and I said I couldn't because I had homework. and he texted me back saying "okay fine"


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  • Yes, you made the right choice. You're not interested in just hooking up, and you know his reputation, so don't second guess yourself!

  • yes stay away from this guy. You will only get hurt. Stick out for the guy who wants to take you on dates and get to know you before you hook up. You defo made the right decision, you deserve better than that. At least you have respect for yourself, good on you :)


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