Should I keep at it or wait it out?

I met this guy online almost two weeks ago. We met up last Sunday, a week ago today, and walked along the pier in town. We held hands, kissed and made plans for the following Friday. After the date we both decided Friday was too long to wait and settled on Wednesday instead. He came over to watch a mutually liked TV show. We hit it off really well. We have texted everyday since we met, nine times out of ten he initiated it. I texted him yesterday and playfully asked if I would ever see him again. He responded with "yeah for sure I'm just not sure when because of scheduling conflicts but we'll figure something out", to which I said "yeah, fair enough, makes sense. Sounds good to me!" I didn't get a response out of him but to be fair he was out with friends and my text didn't really need to be responded to. Also I should mention that we are both starting our first year of university and live on opposite ends of the city (almost one hour apart). Should I wait for him to text me? Or would it be okay for me to go ahead and text him, just small talk stuff like we usually would..?


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  • I would wait a day before texting him! While you're waiting he may text you, and if not, it won't look desperate at all to text him after a day of not talking.


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