Text her and ask what's up or not?

Been kind of dating this girl for about a month now. I say kind of because while we have had dates and hangouts and even hooked up, we haven't actually talked about "what we are". She has been really busy lately trying to get her life together due to moving around a lot and trying to settle in and she just moved almost an hour away with her parents so she isn't around in town a whole lot.

I told her I understood that she was going through a lot and that it was okay and that I hoped we could find little times to see each other, even if it wasn't for very long. She said that'd be nice.

The last time I saw her was last Tuesday, almost a week ago. She had time before she had to go to work so we got a bite to eat together. It was nice even though it was only like an hour. We crossed brunch of our little list of things to do (things that had been previously rain-checked) and then I drove her to work. I haven't heard from her since. Not a call. Not even a text message saying "Hi". Nothing. I've texted her twice just saying Hi and seeing if she was around. The first one I got no response, so I waited a couple days until today where I texted her again and no response.

I'm getting kind of annoyed. Especially because it is not hard to reply to a text. It's just rude in my opinion. She has done this before where she just doesn't reply to me for a few days, then all of a sudden gets in touch with me and asks if I want to do something. What gives? Should I ask her what the deal is?


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  • Yes, let her know it annoys you... But it would be bettter to do that face to face.

    For now you can try to call her if you really wanna get news.


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