How do I talk to a guy without being aggravating or looking desperate?

If I text 1rst (which is against my rules but I do it if I like the guy) he may act like I'm aggravating or something so I usually wait for him 2 text first but most of the time they don't. Maybe there just not interested but why ask for my # ya know. I hate the process of getting to know somebody b.c of this on and off thing. I tend to stay back & let the man do most of the work b.c of this and I don't want to look dumb in the end for trying so what do I do?


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  • Look dumb for trying, girl believe you won't look dumb. Girls can show interest too, also if you know the guy is interested than your good. Go right ahead and show some interest, this will help the guy out immensely! Nothing wrong with that, go for it! Trust me guys do get sick of always have to start EVERYTHING lol.

    • yea but I don't want to initiate convo all the time I feel like maybe I get boring or something because I don't want 2 say the wrong things so I just say normal stuff

    • You know don't worry about it, just talk to him like a human being. If you can't be yourself that is not OK, move on if that is the case. If you want to flirt flirt, talk talk :)

  • Taking initiative doesn't make you look desperate; just don't stalk if someone doesn't respond.

    • trust me I'll just delete the #

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    • if he doesn't text back in a week I delete the # and move on

    • But if you are more interested, and actually want to find out; just text like "busy or not interested?"

      or else about a week or two is good enough; after that delete and move on;

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