Texting a girl question?

If you talk to a girl on a regular basis at work and she seems to be interested, you get her number and then text her, but she doesn't respond, is she not interested? We've talked for a few months and I seem to get the signals that she's interested but this has me confused a bit. Did she just give me her number out of pity? lol.


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  • you shouldn't text with a girl you're interested in. and you shouldn't talk for months either.

    you get her number and you call her to set up a date. no text.

    • i talked for months because she had a boyfriend and she's constantly sending me mixed signals so I'm not sure her feelings overall.

    • remember: if you're interested in some chick that's already in a relationship, don't become her "friend." keep the distance and when she becomes available, then attack like a bull.

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