Am I going to date a wolf hidden in sheep's clothing?

There's this guy that I have been talking to for three months or so. When I first met him, I felt a spark. The thing is he is not good looking, but he is a really really nice guy on the interior. Anyways I am religious and he is not which doesn't really matter except I'm afraid that because of this difference our moral values are different. I am a very conservative girl in some ways like I've never kissed a guy actually never even dated lol my choice obvs, but he has dated before and he told me that he will never marry anyone ever because his rents are Lebanese and are forcing him to marry a Lebanese girl. To me I feel like almost a booty call. He respects me and tells me that he would never hurt me, but I am afraid that he is manipulating me. He is two years older than me-I'm 19, I'm super innocent but he doesn't know that. tbh I feel this strong connection and every time I try to end it with him, I can't it's like I want this but I feel it's bad for me. He told me that he's also been to a strip club and that he has dated before and obviously slept w people. I don't believe in sex until marriage but I'm scared that he might suspect that I'm a virgin and be talking to me Because of that or Because he just wants to get in my pants. I'm scared because I like him like I've never liked any guy before but I'm sad because the more I think about it the more I feel like I have to end it.

He supports me though and always pushes me to do my best which is crazy.

So my question. Do I date him? or is he bad news?

He also told me that when I would go workout at the gym, all the guys would come up to him and ask him if we were dating because I always talked to him and because they thought I was hot. He told me he agreed with them and that he told them that we were just friends. But like I feel like he sees me as a booty call and that really upsets me.


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  • How can he see you as a booty call if he hasn't even done anything with you? If he saw you as just something to get with he wouldn't stick around for 3 months.


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