I try to get her to go out on dates with me but she always says she's busy. She confuses me. Help!

So I've been talking to this girl for a little over a month. We hang out irregularly. I think like 3 or 4 times only. I try to get her to go out on dates with me but she always says she's busy. All week she will say how it would be nice to get together over the weekend then when the weekend comes she has made plans with her friends. She's very flirty when we see each other around campus so she's always confusing me. Like this last weekend I asked her if she just wanted to chill no date no public stuff no party just chill and watch netflix. she said that it was a great idea then when I call her and ask when I should bring the popcorn over she says she's out to dinner and a movie with her friends. She does this quite often and is always telling me she's too busy to hang out one on 1. What gives?


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  • you're her puppy. that's what you are. a puppy.

    she doesn't take you seriously. you're just a go to guy when she's bored.

    and of course she flirts. of course you need to throw a bone here and there to your dog.

    here's what you should do to "double check" the situation; call her up and ask her to go on a date with you. if she says no, she's history. delete her number and move on. if she says yes and then cancels the date, she's history. but if she says yes and actually goes on a date with you then you maybe have something going on.

    *spoiler* she won't go out with you.

    • Wow I've never been on this end of it. I've kept plenty of girls around just in case

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    • no. women are never a challenge. they are too emotional to be a challenge. except if she's not interested in you - then she can play you like a puppy.

    • I really liked this chick she wasn't the usual girl I'm used too. ya know the fun for a night can stand them if I'm drunk but in the morning just want them gone girl. she was actually enjoyable to be around and talk to.

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  • Are you asking her the day of? It sounds like it. That's your problem.

    When she's saying "let's get together over the weekend" she would like you to say "alright, lets hang out Saturday."

    By the time you ask the day of, people who have respected her time have already made plans with her.

    I'm always busy when people ask the day of too.

  • She likes the attention. As horrible as that sounds that's what's happening. My guy friend is going through the same thing. But she used him for the attention. Don't let her cute flirty self pull you in you might get hurt like he did. I'm sorry.


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  • Man that sucks, I know cause I've been there, and it looks to me she's toying with you. Let her loose and see if she is actually interested. Talk to her seriously and tell her: where are we actually? I want to know if I'm losing my time with you or not.

    Sometimes us guys are after girls that make it so impossible for us to get with them we lose opportunities with other girls that might be interested on us.


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