Did I lose my chance with him?

I kinda flipped out on a guy I liked in a fight and ended up deleting him from Facebook. A few weeks later I felt bad so I sent a friend request. He messages me saying at this point why. After messaging back and forth he added me again. He responds right away when I text or fb message him but never initiates. It's been four days since I last texted each other and he still hasn't initiate anything. Did I completely screw this up and lose my chance with him


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  • Maybe. Entirely depends on how you "flipped out" on him. If, by most standards, it was an ultimately petty argument and he's getting this mad, then you should move on and not even worry about it. However if it was a big argument (something that he feels is very important to him) and you flipped out, he might have a legit reason to not talk to you anymore. Since he's at least responding to your messages, I'd say there's still something there.

    4 days isn't a long time. He might still be hung up about it, so just give him some space to think about things and go from there.


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  • He added you again, so I don't think it's hopeless. But if you expect him to work to be friends with you after that, then you're naive. You're going to have to be the one to get him to open up.

    • I just don't want to harass him. I have initiated texting every four days. I've done this three times already. I'm just worried that he wants to be left alone and I should wait for him to initiate next time. Do you think I should keep contacting?

    • I think you should keep contacting him. I'm not saying he doesn't want to talk to you. I'm saying you will have to prove that you like him.

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  • maybe he's really interested in you that's why he added you again on fb because he won't add you up again if he doesn't care about you anymore.


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