Creative date ideas?

I have an absolutely amazing boyfriend I have been dating for 4 months now but due to the fact he lives an hour and a half away I don't get to see him as often as I'd like. What I would really love is to plan a nice date for the next time he comes to visit. I am not so great a planner of cute and creative dates. If anyone has a good idea for a creative date I would love to hear it. Keep the ideas coming.


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  • I don't know where you are, so I couldn't give anything location specific.

    Whatever you do, make it special.

    I always love it when a girl knows how to treat me right. Make him dinner and treat him like a king. Finish off the evening with dessert in bed. ;)


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  • Climb on trees!


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  • Get some sex toys

    Get some p*rn

    Get some other girls

    Get some hamburgers

    Get some beer

    Get some video recording equipment

    And what do you have? A man's dream date.

  • Sorry, but you are not taking credit for my amazingly awesome creative date ideas like I know you would if I listed some great ideas. You wouldn't be like "Oh by the way babe, I lack creativity so I got on GAG and got this great experience from someone else." You would act like it was your own brilliance that created it. So, yeah, you won't be getting my creative date ideas.

    • Take a chill pill. At least she has someone to date!

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    • 6Paull11, please stop with the corny, weak,lame azz attempt at insulting me.

      You are way too far up the QA's ass.