Have you been in my situtaion? - how much younger should I date ?

I am 35. Have been in one long term relationship since I was 28. But now we separated .

I am doing a Masters degree at University. Besides my work . There are lots of girls around from all ages . To be honest.. I am attracted to youth and beauty . The problem is that most of what I see ( I estimate ) is around 20-24 years old. some are younger and some are older.

What complicates the matter is that sometimes I am not even sure how old they are .. they could be 25 or 20 .or even 27.

What should I do ? should I approach the lady I am interested in ? I am a professional guy with a successful prestigious Job . I dress fashionably.

Have you been in my situation? what should I do ?



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  • I'm 24 and my boyfriend is 31. My roommate is 23 and her boyfriend is 33. What can I say? We go for older guys. Guys in their early-mid 20s are nowhere near our maturity level, and besides, older guys just look better lol.

    Honestly, though, it really doesn't matter. If you're taking Masters classes, they're going to be at least 21, and that's being generous with the age gap. Most of them are going to be around 23, 24, 25. A lot of people take time off, too, before starting up their Masters, so they could even be in their late 20s.

    Moral of the story: go for it.

    • Thank you .. that was really uplifting! I just want someone I am attracted to . I am not a ladies guy and I don't want to hop between relationships :S . I will approach any lady I meet with decency and respect in any case.

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  • From personal experience and scientific research combined, date women above 25 years of age. You will encounter less crying, less whining and less emotional mood swings that come from the mind that has not yet completely matured.


    • Thanks.. that is a sound advise as well

  • If she is over 18 you shouldn't be too concerned as long you are are both interested. At least that's how I view it. I'm 18 and I would never date a 35 year old guy, but if there are girl out there who would, why would you care whether I, or anyone else, think you should, or shouldn't?

    • You know.. when I think deep down inside.. it is not that I am fixating on young age by itself.. And I pray for God that he doesn't send me 18 year olds that I am attracted to ! I don't want one night stands. I want a relationship

  • Personally age is just a number, but you should be careful with who you decide to approach cause there are girls who mature faster than other girls. Some can be quite immature for their age, so I mean girls that usually tend to date much older guys are more mature and understanding. As long as you contact with the other person, that's what important.

  • you can approach them but be cautious

  • "To be honest.. I am attracted to youth and beauty." So? Show me a guy who isn't. That doesn't mean it's necessarily smart to make your dating choices based purely on looks. Especially at your age. Most guys by 35 have figured this out.

    • P.S. I'd like to add, that the number one reason younger women want to date older guys is maturity. They're out of the "only care about looks and sex" phase. They think they have depth, and wisdom. The ability to see women as a person and not just for looks. For youth and beauty to be your main dating priority, says you do not have the characteristics these women expect to find in an older man.

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    • But, ya know, ultimately you're going to do what you want. The girls will weed you out on your own if you're not meeting their standards back. The perfect pretty young girls are not exactly jumping at the 35, average looking, "youth/looks" obsessed man with the minimal relationship experience. If you're going to prioritize shallow things? You will attract shallow women. Prepare to be judged back for shallow things as well.

    • Thanks for your input and help, really.

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  • I think a lot of guys have this problem.

    Nobody wants to be a pervert but I'll tell you this:

    I liked 18 year olds when I was 12,

    I liked 18 year olds when I was 18,

    I like 18 year olds now that I'm 26,

    And I will probably still like them when I'm 35.

    Not exclusively, but I still think young girls are hot and I wouldn't mind dating one.

    However, there's more to dating than just physical attraction. You need someone to be in the same phase of life that you are in. It is hard to have a relationship with someone that is still in school if you have a demanding job, even if you are the same age. It is hard to have a relationship with someone that has a kid and you still want to party, even if you are the same age. Plus side is, it is doable to date someone younger or older, when they are at the same place in life.

    20-24 is a far stretch for a 35 year old but it could be done if she is in your situation: professional and ambitious. If you are freaked out about approaching girls that are too young, just be up front about it. Say that you would like to get to know her but you're afraid that she might be too young, if she is in fact older, she'll love to hear that! An if she is young, she'll be excited that a well dressed professional man like yourself noticed her.

    • Thats funny with the 18 year olds lol . That is pretty sound advice. Thanks my man .

  • I'd say 25 and up is a decent age for you.

    • Thanks.. I am actually trying to find in that age group of course as well

  • Date women you're most attracted to. Start a relationship with the one with the best and most compatible personality of the one's you're attracted to.


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