What do you do when parents don't like who you're dating?

I understand that my parents love me, and only want the best for me, but it seems like whenever my parents meet whoever I'm with, they judge him by the way he looks, where he's from, and even by the way he greets them. They don't even give them a chance, they just immediately think just the way they dress, or where they come from makes them bad people. Only I know their true side, and I've dated some really cool guys, but my parents just immediately didn't like them, and because of that, it just eventually stopped working. So what do I do when my parents don't like the guy I'm with? Or what can I say or do or show them to make them feel good about who I'm with right off the bat?


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  • You are under 18, rely on your parents judgement, they have a lifetime of experience they are using to protect you and your interests. They don't always have to like who you date, but until you are old enough legally make the decisions for yourself you are going to have to deal with the drama and dislike. Who knows maybe thier age and wisdom and experience tell them that he's not good enough for you, have you gotten a good reason from any of your previous objections? maybe if you tell them you're trying to understand the situation instead of fighting it you'll get somewhere.

    • Thank you. I understood my parents sometimes, because my boyfriends were doing some questionable things, but I think its just because of the way my very first boyfriend treated me. They gave me so much free range and freedom, and ever since him they don't trust anybody else it sucks. Plus they watch my every move!

    • you sound intelligent and level headed, use that same approach with them. Arguing when angry never really gets you anywhere. It sounds from your side of the story that yeah they are being a little overprotective that's something you should discuss with them directly and calmly. :)

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  • I think what you do is you tell them to knock it the hell off, and treat your boyfriend with respect. You tell them that while you understand that they are trying to protect you or look out for your best interest, they're being unfair, and need to give your boyfriends a fair chance. Tell them they should shut up and get to know them for WHO they ARE and NOT what they LOOK like, and maybe they might see what you see. But it's important to let them know that the way they treat your boyfriends has been negatively affecting both your relationships with your boyfriends, and your parents as well. Try all that if you haven't already.

    • Alright Thanks. I've said something similar, but they never seem to hear me out.

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    • And isn't that just a crying shame?

    • I suppose?

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  • My parents are super religious so they judge almost every guy I date even when he's not a bad guy at all. I was finally so fed up with their behavior that I just decided to be up front about it. Sit them down and try to have a calm talk with them. Parents have a way of not listening when things become confrontational. Just be honest with them and let them no you don't like it when they judge your guy on outer things that don't really matter. If you see something good in him and he treats you with respect that's all that matters. If they still don't listen to you and they still react with negativity ignore the negative and don't let them ruin it for you. You have chosen to date the guy so they either choose to respect it or they don't.

    • Thank you. : ) That honestly helps!

    • Your welcome! Glad I could help :)