I've known him for 3 years, and we have been dating on and off. Is he ignoring me or what?

so I've known him for 3 years

and we have been dating on and off

but now that he just moved to my town we have met more often,

last Saturday we met and I slept at his place and last Tuesday I went on vacation

yes I'm a girl so I miss him, so this Saturday I wrote him when we got home at 3 at night and he was on Skype and I was like hey what's up and all he said was "drinking and gaming :)"

and last night I wrote him telling him he has to watch the show suits cause its awesome...and he replied with "skeptical"

and I'm like wtf

is he ignoring me or what :/

did I do anything wrong..


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  • He is probably doing the "guy" thing which is; things on the brain= need time. He probably needs personal time to shut the brain off. Some of us have a hard time doing that. We have to do absolutely NOTHING for hours or even days. Maybe family or work has something to do with it.

  • There are some guys who, when they get what they want, they behave like idiots. I really don't know why they act this way.


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