Should I wait on the guy I like or move on?

I am so confused on what I should do.. I have liked my ex boyfriend for so long and when I am just about to finally get him out of my head he texts me out of the no where and makes me start thinking about him all over again. Like recently he text me randomly and we started talking and we went to lunch and had a good time then he told me through text that he liked me, but he hasn't text me first since he told me, I waited for him to text me and he didn't so I did and he text me back. It doesn't really seem like he likes me.. Should I just move on or see if he'll come around?


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  • Well, how do you feel about him, if you still have feelings for him, you should just be straight up and ask him what exactly is the reason for him to contact you two again and whatnot.

  • You don't exactly have to move on. You obviously miss him, and he seems to miss you a little at the very least. He could just be stuck in the same position you are. You can either make a move and see if he takes the bait, or you can sit back and wait for him to make a move. But if you do this, it is better to not put your whole heart into it, as he may never make a move again. Or if he does, it may be short lived. I say you don't give him all of your attention and just kind of put him to the side to see where things go. Focus more on other guys, school, sports, whatever you do, and not so much on him. If he comes around, great. But if he doesn't, you don't waste any time.


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