How should I show interest and get to know her better?

I am a junior in college. I met a girl last semester in a class we had together. We had coffee together once, but after that we didn't really talk outside of class (I was under the impression it was because she had an extra-busy schedule that semester).

This semester, we do not have class together, but I pass her almost every day between classes. I texted her one day and after talking for a while I asked her if she would meet me for lunch and she agreed :) we had lunch last Thursday.

I've texted her once since then, but other than that I've just briefly greeted her between classes as neither of us have time to talk right then.

I'd like to get to know her better. She and I connected on a lot of things and have a lot of similar interests and goals. She seems very thoughtful and sweet, and a little shy.

So, what is my next step? Should I try to get together with her again? Randomly text her and try to strike up a conversation?


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  • Find something fun to do that doesn't take up a lot of time and is not far to go. Suggest it as a break. Lead into a dinner date. Even if you are busy, you have to eat. Be careful about dominating her time after each date. She may be afraid that you will take her study time away. If she is paying for classes, it's a valid fear that dating will get in the way of her school. Show her that you respect her time and let her step up the schedule. I would also suggest you limit getting close and do the quick kiss on her check and hug and run. If she is interested she will grab you after the 3rd date.


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