Why can't I meet a guy?!

Ok I'm really sick of this I'm 18 & never had a boyfriend the closet thing to it was my friends with benefits , he didn't even want to date me...I'll be 19 in a month this is really pathetic I want to meet a guy I can just have fun with cuddle have sex go on dates etc. but no I'm so lonely & bored with my life...guys have tried talking to me but I wasn't interested I'm black but I love tall muscular white guys even Asians Id even be happy with a decent black guy but no one :( I'm not mean? I can't be that ugly...idk anymore I'm tried of be single I want a man?


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  • This probably is not what you want to hear...but guys don't usually like relationships when they are your age...your time will come...just going to have to be patient...and be alert to opportunities...there ARE some guys who like relationships when younger...this is an old post of mine----> link


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  • Ohhh, another "I need psychic powers" question to answer :) I love a good challenge!

    I'll try to be of some help. In sleuthing down the problem, the first clue you mention is "guys have tried talking to me" -- so this means your looks and breath are decent enough (ALWAYS brush your teeth) to at least get them talking to you. That's a good sign!

    But then... they weren't interested. Mark Twain had a kind of cynical quote, "It is better to let people suspect that you might be a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt." I'll admit this quote is harsh; I don't think you are a fool - he's just saying a mispoken word can be an image killer.

    Take note of your conversation and your manners. Identify the point where they start to politely bow out or have to run to the library. Piece what you last said together and you might find what the trouble is. If you're not sure, just try to be a good listener. Men LOVE good listeners :)

    • i wouldn't say its my personality, I always get compliments from guys on that, and on my face, its my weight I think..i weigh 101llbs I'm 5ft, I can't help that I look 12, but most guys never talk to me because they think I'm to young & skinny :( I eat like a out of control animal gaining weight just isn't in my genes

  • if you want a certain fish gotta use the right bait-_-

    • Lol So what's the right bait?

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    • -_- so far, I've learned there just a bunch of sex hungry guys were I live and being light skin is a plus WHICH IM NOT

    • i know the feeling I'm am caribbean but darker than my brother and father..but I still get so much attention from women cause I'm just me XD reel them in with your sex appeal

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