Guys do you call girls by cute names for a reason?

I posted it once already and only got 1 response so here we go again!

So I have this guy I've known forever. We've always been just friends but it's obvious we like each other even though we've never said it straight out. Lately when we talk through text message he'll call me something like "baby girl" and "honey". Sometimes he'll even say something and be like "miss (and use my last name) like "miss smith". I was wondering if things like that have a meaning or if guys just say it to be saying it...


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  • In the absence of any other moves on his part, don't read into it. He's just teasing. Easy answer. :)

    P.S. All the girls in my life that I like get called names, even if I'm not sweet on them. Girls facial expressions are priceless! :D

    • Well he did ask me to stop by his house and say "hey" yesterday lol and while he was at work we were texting some which is common and he asked when he was gonna get a he does kinda make some moves..he's a little shy about it because I think he's scared

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    • Also, independence is part of what makes a man manly. Guys don't generally sacrifice this unless they feel necessary. Sometimes we just rather go it alone than take a chance if our heart isn't sure.

    • Haha nah I'm picky!

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