Haven't heard from him for 5 days?

He used to text me everyday when we first met. then he went back to his ex. then he broke up with her a few days later. we reconnected on Facebook. When I initiate texting he always responds and asks questions (and sometimes we talk for hours). However, he never initiates anymore. Five days has gone by and I haven't heard from him. I am not contacting him to give him space to get over his ex but I am starting to thing he's not really into me anymore. what do you think?


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  • Guys can be weird that way. I do not know the entire story, nor the dude, but I'm sorry to say it seems like he's not into you.

    However, this might also be a reaction to the ex thing- him needing time to think and all...

    But WHY are you interested when he went back to his ex, THEN back to you? I mean, OK, you can't choose who you like (not blaming you in any way), but where's your self respect? You don't need to hang around some bloke who keeps going back and forth between you and his ex.

    ... You can do better! :)