Boyfriend not texting like before and we have been together for less than a month?

OK I started talking to a guy about less than a month ago and we hit it of he has introduced me to his family and friends and he calls me his boo and one of his friends asked him if I was his girlfriend and he said yes she's my girlfriend and he also has a picture of me and himself on Facebook, but here is where it gets weird lol at first he would text me and be very flirty and would text me often that's before we had sex on the fourth date that night we cuddled and watched TV and I had to leave since it was late and he always tells me to text him when I get home so I did so the following week he does text me but its not flirty anymore just normal texts like hi or what he is doing? can someone explain this to me why isn't he texting like before? after the fourth date I saw him again and then we went to one of his friends surprise party and that where his friend asked if I was his girlfriend. that same night we had sex again and everything was fine but his texting is not the same? is he losing interest?


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  • Texting (and most other forms of communication) for guys is goal-based, not really for enjoyment. He texted you in the beginning because he was trying to get the relationship going, but now it IS going and you are spending time together in person, so he no longer feels the need to text you all the time. This is NORMAL and fine. Texting is horrible anyway, and you should focus on spending as much time as you realistically can with him in person, and do your communicating then, face-to-face.

    And if it's important, and you aren't around each other, CALL HIM, don't text.

    • Makes sense, I over think stuff sometimes but I guess since he is still communicating with me we are fine. thank you

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  • I think the personal experiences he has with you are more fulfilling, so he doesn't need to text.

    Why text when he can just wait and have the whole you?

  • Well, its possible he's 'no longer trying'.

    But its also possible he's just not thinking about it. The flirting may have been him trying to move things along. From his perspective, having sex meets his needs to be sexual and it doesn't occur to him that you need the flirting. For him flirting may have been like a substitute for sex.

    I'd suggest letting him know that you miss the flirting, that it makes you feel good and excited and look forward to seeing him.

    Then see how he reacts. If he's losing interest, he won't do much about it, if he just didn't feel the need to flirt when you started having sex, he'll probably make an effort - though he may need reminders. I'd attempt, as much as possible (not just with him, in general) to use positive reinforcement more then negative. I.e. don't just be happy when he's flirty, then when he stops for weeks eventually ask him what's wrong. Instead, flirt back hard and TELL him how excited it makes you. Constantly remind him it matters when he's done good, rather then occasionally remind him when he's done bad.

    • I did tell him that I saw a difference in him and he appologized saying I'm sorry I made you feel that way

  • He introduced you to his family in less than a I reading that correctly? I mean, it sounds like you guys are moving fast...I mean, I would only take that step assuming I was 1000 percent sure that was the girl I wanted to be with indefinitely and I don't think I would be able to do it after only knowing the girl for a few months...that's a bit ridiculous but I guess to each his or her own

    • Yes he introduced me to his family and friends, I still haven't because its too soon. My previous boyfriend as well introduced me to his family within a month

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  • Maybe he lost interest because you slept with him too early, thus making it "easy" for him. Or he could just be lazy. Read "Why Men Love Bitches" and you'll see what I mean.