I have a condition called 'chronic telogen effluviam'

which means my hair falls out, and grows back in really thin. I've had this condition for the past 2 years, so far I've lost about 50% of my hair. I'm just wondering if you'd date me, or for the guys I'm dating, when I should disclose this (if ever)?

its not as bad as this girls link


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  • It might be a bit surprising/unexpected at first, but it's really not that big of a deal. Women already use wigs and extensions. I think a guy's main concern was that you were healthy, and that this wasn't a sign of bulimia or something. Other than that, a decently mature guy wouldn't have an issue with it.

  • Id have a hard time dating a girl with half her hair tbh

    • thanks for your honesty :)

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    • not be people I've just met..it looks naturally full..but to those who have known my hair beforehand, yes.

    • then maybe as long as you don't have patches of hair missing

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