Made out with someone that isn't the guy I'm dating?

I was having a hard time meeting guys my age on my own so I decided to do the online dating thing. I met some pretty cool guys here and there... One of them I have been seeing for over 3 weeks , he comes over, takes me out, invites me to hangout with him and his friends... He even cuddles and holds my hand while his friends are around.

The online dating thing is a bit tricky... I went out with someone else last night and had a decent time and at the end of our date he walked me to my door and kissed me...

I know I like the first guy more so now the questions is should I tell the first guy about the second guy kissing me or that I even went out with someone other then him?

Dating sucks for the record!
I guess I was wrong about him... He lied to me about not wanting to dating exclusivly due to being busy... but he just went out on a date with a girl "he thinks he's in love" on Tuesday... And going out with her again on Friday. So I no longer feel bad just stupid for actually thinking something might come from this but I guess you live and learn... Don't trust the way a guy acts around you and think he likes you LOL

Thank you everyone for their input :)


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  • I know how you feel. I went through this when I met my now boyfriend. I think that unless you two have the exclusivity talk and make it known where you two stand (are you two in a relationship or not?) then he can't really get upset. You are still free to see other people. Especially if he is still active on the dating site. He is also probably exploring his options as well. But if you truly like this guy and have been seeing him for 3 weeks, I think it's time to have this talk with him.

    I wouldn't mention it to him, as really what is it going to accomplish? You two weren't exclusive, and he is still online as well.

    This is one of the problems with online dating. When do you have the talk? Well I think it's time to bring up where you two are going. Ask him how he feels about you, how does he see you?

    Once you two figure out what page you are on you can decide where your relationship will go.


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  • UNless you had a talk about not seeing other people, I wouldn't say anything. Why? Because imo there are no commitments broken (you aren't exclusive), and your "image" in his eyes, will only stay the same or go down alot.

    Instead, talk to him and let him know that you want to see him exclusively, now that you know what you want! :)

  • Did you enjoy it?

    • It wasn't the best make out of my life... Def had a better make out sessions with the first guy...

    • Well, then, sounds like no harm no foul, if the first guy doesn't know, why tell him? What you don't know can't hurt you.

    • Yea, I think I have to have a talk with the first guy to see where we stand and then just keep it to myself :)

  • You should of told the first guy that you're in the dating scene to see what you like. If you're not datiing, then you can tell him. Yeah he will be upset, but he have to know.

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    • Well I think he thinks I'm only dating him... but He is still active on the dating website we met on...

      Just makes not sense to me why he is all lovey dovey with me when even when his friends are around... Does he do that with all the other girls? I guess I have a bit of a phobia of a man having other women on the side...

    • You can do the online thing to if he is still on there. He can't get upset with that.

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  • Keep your mouth shut.

    As long as you are not exclusive its OK to sleep and kiss other guys. However don't go telling your dates that you have been with other men cause it makes you look trashy.

    Test the waters and let the best man win.

  • You don't have to say anything to him, why would you? Think about it. You've been dating him for a little under a month. That's nothing. OK you have a good time with him, but until you are his girl you are not cheating. And if you're not cheating then you don't need to say a word. Does he tell you about everything he does? You don't know that he doesn't take other girls out. All that's gonna do is make him look at you badly because he might feel that you're a "slut". that's how some guys feel when they feel like they have sort of ownership or claim over a girl, and he finds out she's with someone else. it's not gonna be anything positive for you so don't do it. You're single, you can do what you want when you want to

  • you're not exclusive with the other guy so I wouldn't really worry about, unless you two have talked about not seeing other people.


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