I want my ex boyfriend back.

We were dating a year and a half and broke up last week because he "didn't want to drag it out any longer and he thought I was unhappy".

I want him back, I miss us and I think he does too.

We also live in the same suite at school so its kind of hard to avoid him, but we had the conversation that even if we're not dating, we still need to be friends and are trying to still be close.

Last night, he said he missed me. And we were flirting quite a bit. How do I hook him though and get him back?


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  • Just tell him how you feel straight-up. You've already been together FAR too long to be playing games anymore. Either he says YES, and you get back together, or he says NO, and then you can stop wondering and focus on moving forward.

    But you need to realize that you can't really be "good friends" win an ex. It just doesn't work, and it's an unrealistic expectation.

    • well I'm best friends with my other ex (who I actually lost my virginity to) and I'm hoping I will still be friends with this one... we're too close to ruin our friendship

    • That doesn't work.. Do you still want to be friends with him when he talks to you about the girl he is with?

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  • He broke up with you because he didn't feel like you wanted him.

    Logic dictates: Make him feel like you want him, and he'll want you back.

  • Just be honest with him. If you really love him then tell him how you feel and try your hardest to fix things but if he is the problem you have to sit down and talk out your issues


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