Why is he upset over my online dating profile when I am not even sure we are in relationship?

I dated this guy for few months. Then in May he appeared distant and I didn't contact him for a month. Back in July, he had a knee surgery. I texted him quite a bit to see how he was and he responded. Meanwhile, I went back to dating sites since June but never date anyone. Things seem to go well via text and he wants to meet again but due to the knee surgery (he is doing therapy now), we had to postpone. Then two days ago, he texted why am I still on dating sites and now not answering my text. I texted to explain things and even told him I took down my profile from the dating site. Could my texting to explain things make things worse? He is still not responding. What should I do?


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  • He overreacted. It was his job to make things official if he felt that way. Him not doing means its his loss. If he's mature, he'll cool off and try to make it official. If not, then you need to ask what's up. If he's still being a child then just cut your losses. Playing games like this is the fastest way to heart break. Be up front and honest, don't beat it around the bush.

    • How soon should I ask him "what's up" if he has not responded? He confronted me via text on Sun and I texted him many times to explain and didn't get any respond from him. Texted again on Monday and one more time on Tues. Decided to stop contacting him for now till a week later and see how he is doing and his knee since he is on therapy now. I know I might be silly this way but getting no respond is not an option for me. At least, he should tell me what he is thinking.

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