What should I write him?

My boyfriend of a year and a half broke up with me a few days ago. Basically he said we don't talk (even though we talk a lot online) and that he doesn't see a future because we live in different states. He cut off all contact with me (deleted me on Skype and said he will ignore my emails/letters).

Of course I am sad because I do love him, but in my heart I think I expected this. Even though he said he sometimes thought of us getting married and such, we have broken up several times before because he gets confused about the distance or what a relationship should be like.

So, now I really don't feel that much sadness, but mostly hurt that he thinks we won't talk anymore. Three times in the past we have fought and he has done the same thing (deleted me from Skype and said he will ignore me), but we have always started talking again within a few days.

I sent him one email right away, but other than that I haven't sent him anything (normally I send him a lot of messages until he talks to me). He said he wants to talk to me but he knows that the same thing will happen and I will want him back. Well, I want him to know that this time I am not going to want him back, that he has lost his chance but that I am fine to just be friends.

I am wondering how to go about this. It has only been a few days. In a week or so I was thinking of sending him an email with the subject "We won't date. But I want to be friends" and then explaining inside that I agree we shouldn't date. I also had the idea of sending him a postcard in a couple of weeks that says "I miss you. Let's talk as friends."

How long should I wait before writing him? Are the messages okay?


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  • I don't think it's going to work because the feelings are there. When people break up , women want to be friends, guys want to cut off all contact. You can try sending him that message if you want, see what happens.


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