What could be up with him? Are we through?

Ok, before we were really close. He'd text me cute text messages every night and had me meet his family and friends and everything seemed like it was going good. The last time we hung out he kissed me in front of his friends which he never ever did. & that was actually a shocker to me since he is the shy type of guy. A few days after I noticed he hadn't been texting me and things were off so I asked him if things were OK and he said yes and so I took the chance to have the "what are we talk" which I now regret completly because I feel that had a lot to do with things going downhill for us. He doesn't text me anymore usually I have to text him ( which is rarely too only when I miss him alot) & even then things feel a bit off. I'm tired of fighting myself to stop caring cause I knew we had something great going. He's respectful and not the typical jerk guy... I don't know what could be up. He does like my statuses on fb once in a while for instance the other day I put "When you decide you miss me, I just might not be here anymore" a quote. & he liked it. Could this mean something? The help is greatly appreciated!


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  • How long has it been that you made that "move"? Might take a while for him to figure out what you really meant, or how he should respond. Did you try having a conversation about something general,?nothing related to you or him.

    • its been since early August. Yeah I have, I didn't bring it up after.

    • rather than being passive aggressive; I'd prefer to be more upfront and ask something like "Hey what's up? Confused or not interested?" It doesn't make you look desperate or rude, and either way, you can move on quickly, no point in treading water, its actually exhausting.

    • yeah your right. Its just hard bringing it up. lol but thanks!

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