Am I the one who is supposed initiate our dates?

We went out on 4 or so dates and now I have to move in with my sister. I warned him jokingly that It means we can't see each other as much. Twice he asked if it means we won't see each other again. I said no, it's just difficult that's all.

Now he doesn't initiates dates but agrees when I do. Last date he mentioned twice that we should meet up during the week too and I agreed, but he has yet to call, just hints. When I thanked him for getting me out of the house last time he mentioned he wished he could do it more often.

So why isn't he? Is the ball forever in my court cause of what I said? Is he not interested and was hoping we would drift apart after my move? Please help.


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  • I think that is exactly it. He wants you to initiate things now because of what you said. Some people are sensitive and their feelings get hurt easily, regardless of the other persons intentions. Maybe he has been rejected before and sort of saw this as such..If you really like this guy than at least for awhile you will prob have to be the initiator, until you guys get more comfortable with each other and he can see that you do want to be with him. I'm sure after a few more dates he will warm up to you.


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