Should I text him or is it over?

I met this guy online and we really hit it off. After talking for a couple of weeks we decided to meet in person. We had a lot of fun and began to text almost everyday, sometimes every other day. We hung out a couple of more times and had fun. However, last Saturday we went back to his place to watch a movie. afterward we went in his bedroom and started making out. He went to initiate sex and I told him I wasn't ready. He acted okay with this and we just made out some more. afterward he walked me to my car, we laughed a bit and I went on my way. I expected him to text me but now it is almost a week later and he has not been in contact. He usually is the first to text and he is pretty good about it but now I am scared he was just looking for sex and since I didn't go through with it he is not interested. What do you think? Should I text him? or just accept that his intentions were probably not the same as mine?
I should also add that I was a bit quite on Saturday's date as I was preoccupied with something else. So that might have played a part. But he must not have thought I was boring if he tried to get with me, right?
*Quiet not quite
So, I decided to go ahead and text him earlier. He replied back and mentioned that he has been really busy this week. I am taking this to be his polite way of blowing me off.

Part of me was thinking maybe he thought he had scared me off and he didn't want to bother me but now I am pretty sure that he just wanted sex and is now moving on. Knowing this, I'm actually kind of glad it did not work out. Feel free to keep leaving your opinions, though, for future reference!


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  • You are a wise girl not to have sex with a guy that you just met in person. Its hard to know a mans intentions. I've been there myself. Some men will be so kind to you and put you on a pedistal with the ulterior motive as sex. Sorry but too many times it is true. It is possible that is what happened with this guy. He prob had it in his mind that he would talk to you for awhile and for sure you would just automatically jump into bed with him upon meeting him for the first time.

    If you are still interested in seeing him, and knowing that his mind is still on getting you in bed, then you could call him again and just say Hi and see what he does.

    • Thank you, I am pretty disappointed as I really thought we were getting along well for all of the right reasons. You are right, it is hard to tell a man's intentions...

    • you always have to keep your guard up, no matter HOW nice or sweet a man is to you.

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  • Let him know it is over

  • I think he maybe just thought he'd get sex. Next time don't go to the bedroom if you don't plan on having sex though :/


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