Is telling him how I feel worth the risk of ruining it all?

A little over a week ago I made the dumbest impulse decision of texting this guy that I've had feelings for for quite sometime now. Things between the two of us are really complicated in the sense that neither of us have really ever said where we stand with things now. I don't want to go into the whole thing because it's really dumb but basically when we both left college last year I definitely think there was still feelings between us but we decided to let things go and start over this year. Well, I was hoping for a nice relaxing summer of not having to worry about things. About a month went by and even though I really wanted to talk to him I never broke down and texted him.. Until one day he decided to text me and that's when everything changed. After talking to him everyday and just some of the things he would say, I realized I wasn't over everything. I didn't tell him this so I decided to just wait until I got back to school and saw him. Getting back to school and seeing him made everything a million times worse. When I was around him I still got butterflies in my stomach and everything just felt right.

I'm in this situation right now where I don't know if coming back to school was the right decision and instead of having the situation with him another thought in my mind, I decided to tell him we shouldn't talk for a while. Well, I Haven't heard from him since then and I realized that doing that was the worst thing I could've done. I don't like feeling like he is forgetting about me because I don't want things to end this way. It makes me sad to think that five years from now I may have to wonder how he is going because we don't have a friendship anymore because I'm an idiot.

What should I do? I want to apologize to him and tell him how I feel but I don't know if it will make things worse


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  • You genuinely like him right? Are attracted to him, like being with him, and like talking to him... what are you so afraid of? He obviously likes you too, you both wanted to talk to each other and he gave in and sent out a feeler text cause he was thinking about you too. Clearly he's into you, and you're into him from what you've been saying. Why not just tell him you thought it was a good idea to stop talking cause you had to figure stuff out, and you realized you still liked him and wanted him... that's a good start. I guarantee he listens. Trust me we don't send out texts after a month of not talking to a girl if we're not into them, we only do that if we're still thinking about her, and hope she's still thinking about us. Tell him...

    • What you said definitely makes sense but I still get the feeling sometimes that he doesn't want anything to do with me anymore now. Like I feel like it doesn't bother him that I told him what I did. And I for sure am going to tell him. I'm just nervous of what he is going to say. Thanks for your help!

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