Was he trying to flirt when he said that in a text?

Here is the guy in my class. and we have very boring class together. so we all just text or surfing the net in the class. we were sitting next to each other and he started sending me text in the class, like " :P " or " pay attention" ...

as we were texting to kill the time, he said " I'm an engineer and I don't need to pay attention "

i said " oo really, what a small world, I'm engineer too :P "

so he said " lets have engineering children, lol "

any comment on his text?

how should I have replied that back?


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  • Ya he was definitely flirting with you. no doubt


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  • He wants to put that seed in your bun

    • lol, tnx for explaining the sentence in detail :P :D

      my question is if that's a common joke you guys make just to say something or it can be seen as a signal that you are interested in that girl?

    • Seems like flirting to me, in no way that's a joke but you need to speak to the guy. Kidding about having babies like that while flirting? That's a no mans land

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  • Could be the star of somethi g good :)

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