Is it worth still talking to this girl?

Met a girl 6 months ago, friend of friend- and started chatting via Facebook. She gave me her number told me to chat by texting -because she lives abroad-and cause its more convenient than FB. We started texting and ended up texting all day everyday for like 4 months. We have loads in common. She was generally initiating the conversation texting me first etc. seemed really interested- got jealous when I spoke about ex- asked if I still have feelings for ex etc. and seemed really interested. Recently she told me she started seeing someone one month ago. We still text most days all day etc, once I ignored her for a week and she texted me saying she missed me etc. She seems a bit more detached now- But still says she wants to get to know me more, and asks personal questions about my past etc. We have loads in common. I really like this girl and am going to see her in a few months- because I am visiting my friend abroad. Does she like me?Is it worth persevering with? She came out of a long term relationship about 10 months ago...Is this new guy just casual dating to fill the time? I'm so baffled because I'm crazy about this girl! Part of me is thinking to just cut off because I'm just gonna end up hurt- the other part is thinking that we have the most amazing rapport that maybe its worth still chatting to her and then making a move when she breaks up...if that ever happens -because she is the girl of my dreams! So confused!


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  • I would stay back now that she is in a relationship, She had the choice to stay single until things between you two got official or get a new BF, She choose to get a new BF, and if she misses talking to you, its just the attention you gave her and I think that you should just ask her out or have her choose between you and the BF.


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