My mom doesn't aprove of me dating him.

So I met this guy.. we aren't dating or anything yet.. we just met and he seem like a really nice guy in all. he is super sweet and really nice to me. but when I told my mom how old he was she said " no" then said "there is no, yes or no"? I'm confused on what she meant. I'm not really sure what to do? she hasn't even met him and she is already saying no. He is 15 almost turning 16 and I am 14. and I'm not so sure what the big problem is.? I mean I wouldn't do anything like have sex and she knows that I think? I just think it is very unfair. we aren't even dating we are just friends for now... and I'm not really sure what to do. please help.


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  • From your mums point of view, a 16 year old guy is prone to pushing you to have sex, even though you mentioned that's not in your intentions

  • Lol, sure you "wouldn't do anything like have sex".


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