Girl has a boyfriend but comes onto you?

So last night this girl that I've always seen around came onto me real hard at a party and she walked home with me but left because I was too drunk unfortunately. Anyways last night and today we texted and she said she would have stayed if I was more sober. From all her texts I get the feeling she likes me, but then I went on Facebook and apparently she has a boyfriend from high school who doesn't go to my school.

So what should I do about this? Should I continue to pursue her or should I be worried about her boyfriend kicking my ass (he's a big guy).

(Note: I know that FB relationship status's are not always 100% correct, it could be a joke or something)


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  • Okay, first it's not cool to get with a woman already in a relationship, even if she comes onto you. That's called cheating. I should be shocked you don't realize that, but sadly I am not. You don't want to be the other man. Other men will not trust you and will think you will cheat them or even backstab them.

    Second, why would you want to be involved with a woman who is already showing she's unfaithful? Unless you are just looking for sex and don't care, she'll probably cheat on you with the next man. Hubris compels people to think they're special and some kind of exception but you would be amazed how often that is not the case.

    But if it turns out she really doesn't have a boyfriend then its fair game.


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  • Stat as FAR AWAY FROM HER AS YOU CAN! If she is willing to cheat on this other guy then you will be no different. She probably won't leave this other guy for you, and if she does, she's likely to repeat the pattern of behavior. Not Worth It!


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  • i wouldn't really be worried about her guy. I would be more worried about her - as a person.

    if anything happens between you two while she's (still) in a relationship with that guy, how the hell can you trust this chick? you can't.


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