How do I make him like me?

So, this boy and I kinda showed interest into each other but nothing really happened between us. So, the one night we ran into each other at a bar and I ended up going back to his place because I was curious about him this is two weeks after he begged me to come to his place and I said no. So I went back and kiss, dry humped, and cuddled. Then the next day I wen t to Vegas so nothing really happened between us. So a month later he came over to my place did the same thing but he told me that he was talking to a girl and he wanted to date her. The problem is I want to date him but I don't know if he sees me that way. How do I make him want to date me? Or how do I make him like me? I'm just confused about him.


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  • Be natural, don't push it, smile and be a fun girl.


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  • Well,maybe you need to go straight,and tell him.

    Love is there for you,if you don't get it,you will lose it!

    Besides,maybe the girl he talked about is you...:)

    I hope you will get what you want,I support you!:D


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