Do I have right to be upset?

This guy I've known for 3 years, and I have dated him too, he lives in my town now and we have been on 3 dates, we have had sex before, its been an on and off thing, well last time I met him was September one and 2 I slept over at his place, and than went on vacation for a week, I tried talking to him online when I was gone but he replied so shorty twice..than yesterday a girl that was in the army with him posted a picture of him online drinking bear and she wrote under "known people" I guess it was friendly? but I don't want to be naive so I am a bit upset, could he be dating her? she also lives in my town now, I haven't contacted him and I took him away from my chat list, I'm upset :(


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  • maybe because you were not in a serious relationship with him he may think that is OK to get with other girls which he can do if he is single, you should be angry if you thought you 2 would end up together though depending on what he said, he ma have just lead you on or used you for sex

  • You may be over reacting. Just play it cool and see


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